Anais Nin’s 118th birthday: New books, new podcast

To celebrate her 118th birthday, Sky Blue Press announces the release of two new books by or about about Anais Nin: Letters to Lawrence Durrell 1937-1977; and the new anthology of Gunther Stuhlmann’s ANAIS: An International Journal 1983-2001, compiled and prefaced by Benjamin Franklin V. Also, a new podcast has been published titled Anais, Gunther and I, which personalizes two ardent Nin supporters: Gunther Stuhlmann (1927-2002), who was Nin’s literary agent and co-editor, as well as the editor of ANAIS. Herron reminisces about his friendship with Stuhlmann and his wife, Barbara, who represented Nin until their deaths.

The anthology of ANAIS, nearly 300 pages in length, consists of several critical articles on Nin’s writing–her diaries and fiction in particular–as well as historical and informational pieces by Gunther Stuhlmann himself and Philip K. Jason, a key Nin scholar and editor of Anais Nin Reader and The Critical Response to Anais Nin. Kate Millett’s rousing anthem “Anais–A Mother to Us All” is also included. A very important addition to any Nin reader’s or scholar’s library. The collection was compiled and prefaced by Benjamin Franklin V, who has written about Anais Nin for more than fifty years.

Letters to Lawrence Durrell 1937-1977, written by Anais Nin with corresponding passages from her diary, and including responses from Durrell, reveals the birth, growth, demise and resurrection of the overlooked relationship within the “Three Musketeers” literary coalition between Nin, Durrell and Henry Miller. The letters detail Nin’s early admiration of Durrell’s writing and what it was that alienated them during the war and, later, just as both were achieving, or about to achieve, literary fame. Durrell’s touching eulogy of Nin, written just after her death in 1977, provides an amazing display of Durrell’s admiration of and affection for the “woman musketeer.”

A new podcast has been released, episode 39 of the Anais Nin Podcast series, entitled “Anais, Gunther and I,” Paul Herron’s tribute to Gunther Stuhlmann, whose 19 annual issues of ANAIS: An International Journal has just been released in digit format, soon to be followed by a paperback edition. Herron, who befriended Stuhlmann and his wife Barbara in the 1990s, goes beyond the professional achievements of Gunther Stuhlmann into the personal, which is largely unknown to the general public. Not only was Stuhlmann a brilliant literary agent and editor, he was also an ardent champion of Anais Nin’s work and legacy with keen generosity towards those who did justice to Nin’s reputation as a serious writer and a discerning eye on those who sought to exploit her. As Benjamin Franklin V says in his preface to the anthology, Stuhlmann was devoted to Nin more and longer than anyone except Rupert Pole and Hugh Guiler, Nin’s husbands.

To order the anthology of ANAIS: An International Journal, click here.

To order Letters to Lawrence Durrell 1937-1977, click here.

To listen to the podcast Anais, Gunther and I (run time 21 minutes), click here.

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