Anaïs Nin Podcast 36: Nin Magazine with Letícia Gicovate

Episode 36 of the Anaïs Nin Podcast examines Nin Magazine, an act of erotic rebellion by Letícia Gicovate, who has bravely published three volumes and counting in Brazil and England. In today’s ever-increasing hostility to free sexuality, Anaïs Nin was the inspiration for a project that has captured the naturalness of sexuality and erotic expression. But the path from creation to mass consumption has been cluttered, blocked even, by both institutional and private censorship from bookstores and the internet. These challenges have not discouraged the 38-year-old Brazilian expat who now lives in England—in fact, it has inspired her to work harder, to not give up, to follow Nin’s example when she herself was faced with the rejection of the literary establishment to her ground-breaking work. Find out what Nin magazine is all about and how you can get involved in its future.

Letícia Gicovate. Photo: Fabrice Gagos

Run time: 26:15

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  1. This podcast was hardgoing to listen to and not because of the sound quality, which was fine.. I didn’t get what “sex positive” is when you’re talking about erotica. It just sounds like talking in circles. And with all the STDs around, unwanted children, abortions, does anyone need to be more “sex positive” today? Porn is everywhere online.

    Also, no discussion happened around the difference between porn and erotica. I also see nothing wrong with a government encouring artists to write stories involving heroes. Who is stupid enough to believe in the false dichotomy between hero-worship and erotica? This is nonsense.

  2. Loved the podcast, and I’ve checked out the “Nin Magazine” which is a refreshing and artful example of erotica. I think the difference between porn and erotica is that popular porn of today very obviously portrays dominance of men over women, whereas erotica, such as in this “Nin Magazine, displays sexuality where men and women can alternate in taking the dominant role. The photographs give as much attention to the male body as they do the female body in a setting where neither is seen as an object for the other. This magazine is a celebration of erotica not a means to gain power over the female body which is associated more with what is seen in typical porn.

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