Complete Set of A Café in Space: Special Sale

For 15 years, A Café in Space: The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal has been the only periodical devoted to Anaïs Nin and her world. Over the years, it has been the go-to publication for those studying or interested in Nin.

Cafe10Cover-WebA Café in Space contains previously unpublished work by Anaïs Nin; essays by writers and scholars including Janet Fitch, Benjamin Franklin V, John Ferrone, Lynette Felber, Tristine Rainer, Kazuko Sugisaki, and many more; memoirs and correspondence by Anaïs Nin, Henry Miller, Rupert Pole, Hugh Guiler, Joaquín Nin, Alfred Perlès, Eduardo Sánchez, Gunther Stuhlmann, Alan Swallow, Lanny Baldwin, John Tytell, Barbara Kraft et al.; interviews with Nin, Deirdre Bair, Nobuko Albery, John Teunissen, Béatrice Commengé; poetry and short fiction by Daisy Aldan, Diana Raab, Aeryn Seto, David Wilde, Changming Yuan; contributions from France, Japan, England, Australia, Canada, Spain, Brazil, India, Egypt, Romania; photography and artwork; book reviews covering Nin, Miller and Lawrence Durrell; studies of Henry Miller by James Decker, Karl Orend, Katrin Burtschell, Allison Palumbo; analysis of Durrell by James Clawson, Richard Pine, Peter G. Christensen, Donald Kaczvinsky, Pamela J. Francis, Candace Fertile, Nabil Abdel-Al, Joshua Zeller, Bruce Redwine, Kennedy Gammage, David Green; articles about Antonin Artaud, Louis and Bebe Barron, Luis Buñuel, Maya Deren, Gonzalo Moré, Helba Huara, Gore Vidal, June Miller, Reginald Pole, Joaquín Nin-Culmell; book and stage reviews; internet links; rare photographs of Nin and her circle and haunts.

Now that the final issue of the 15-volume series has been published, for a limited time (until March 31, 2018), the entire collection can be purchased at a discounted price.

At $150.00 for the entire set, the buyer is getting not only a wealth of reading material, but also a great bargain. After March 31, the price for the set will be $225.00. Individual copies are $15.00. The inventory is limited, so timeliness is encouraged. Visit to order.


2 Responses to “Complete Set of A Café in Space: Special Sale”
  1. Libby says:

    I hope the demise of A Café in Space won’t mean that this wonderful blog will cease to exist. I have only just discovered it! Putting aside the wealth of reading material and talking of wealth; I have always been curious about how wealthy the Guilers were. Did Anais ever have to take employment during her lifetime? Who financed all her adventures and travels? Did she have a trust fund or inheritence? The diaries read like a fantasy life that most of us wouldn’t be able to experience because we have to work at jobs to survive on a day to day basis. I would love if you could tell us a little about their economic situation during their lifetimes.

  2. Giuliana says:

    Anaïs ha avuto una vita che può definirsi felice ?
    Anche a 70 anni sembrava giovane. Ha fatto delle plastiche ? Adoro la sua grazia, la sua dolcezza l’ipersensibilità che mi accomuna a lei

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