Final Annual Volume of A Café in Space Announced

Sky Blue Press has announced that the upcoming Volume 15 of A Café in Space: The Anaïs Nin Literary Journal will be the final annual issue.

Café began in 2003 as part of the celebration of Anaïs Nin’s centennial, and it was unsure that a second volume would ever be published. However, the response to Vol. 1 was so great, that Vol. 2 was released the following year; it has been an annual event every year since, with a collection of dozens of excerpts from Nin’s unpublished diaries and contributions from more than 100 writers, scholars, poets and artists from around the world.

CafeVol14-Cover-Draft-1In preparation for this final volume, Sky Blue Press is seeking submissions now.

Academic/non-academic articles concerning Nin and her circle (Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell, Antonin Artaud, Marcel Proust, Jean Genet, Henri Michaux, Djuna Barnes, James Leo Herlihy, et al.) are especially valuable; we also consider short fiction, poetry, art, photography, travel memoir if they are somehow Nin-related or inspired.

Sky Blue Press asks that responses and proposals be sent to skybluepress @ They will require copy by the end of the year so that the Feb. 21, 2018 deadline can be met.

An anthology of the best of Vols. 1-15 will be released in 2019.

To see or purchase Vols. 1-14, click here.

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  1. Dear Paul Herron,

    I just finished listening to your latest podcast, “A Brief History of Journals Dedicated to Anais Nin.”

    I have two pieces of Nin correspondence that I wish to offer for reproduction (somehow) for the last volume of “A Cafe In Space.” One is a one-page, handwritten letter dated February 27, 1973 on United AirLines stationery, addressed to me, encouraging me to shut my “eyes & ears to the world, cliques, etc.” and “do your own work.” I even have the original envelope in which it came, posted from New York with an 11-cent stamp.

    The second piece of correspondence I have from Anais Nin is an undated purple postcard written by hand by Nin, addressed to me, attempting to soothe me for my jealousy about a woman who got a chance to meet Nin but who was not a Nin admirer at all. The postcard has a large sign of Pisces on the front with an 8-cent Eisenhower stamp on the front and a smaller sign of Pisces on the back where Nin’s handwriting appears.

    I’ve never contributed these items to any publication before, and no one but myself has ever really seen them. Since “A Cafe In Space” is shutting down, this may be the last opportunity to share my personal treasure with other Nin readers, fans, and the world.

    I have a small postcard signed by Rupert Pole dated 27 February 1992, telling me in typewritten font, that Volume 10 is “off the press” and that “Gunther should be mailing them (from Mass.) even now.” He thanks me for my interest and says as well that he has finished editing three more “vols” of Diaries “following Henry & June.”

    I don’t know that this little postcard from Rupert Pole has any literary interest or even historical interest, but if you would like to reproduce it, I’d share it as well.

    Let me know what you think. I don’t know how to gjve these items by Nin to you for reproduction without the threat of losing them. Maybe you have some advice?

    Best regards,

    Charles Steiner

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