Seeking inmates of Amazon’s dungeon

As you may know, The Anaïs Nin Podcast is a monthly program that touches upon anything and everything having to do with Nin and her work. This month we saw the release of her new erotica collection Auletris by Sky Blue Press, and when Amazon placed it into its “adult content dungeon,” which rendered it unsearchable, a controversy arose that led to media coverage and, amazingly, Amazon’s changing their mind.

cover170x170But not everyone is so lucky. Amazon’s dungeon is still filled with several books that will never see the light of day.

Now, to my point: this practice of making books invisible is the topic of the next podcast. It amounts to modern-day censorship. Are you an author or publisher who is in the dungeon, or have been? If so, I want to hear your story. You can write me at skybluepress @ skybluepress . com. I plan on airing in mid-November.

Perhaps together we can make a difference.

To order Auletris: Erotica, click here.

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  1. Oh yes … I’ve had several of my titles rendered unsearchable or blocked altogether. My short story collection “Kiss-Off the Devil” and my erotic coming of age story “Summer of ’69” were both summarily taken down by Amazon in spite of positive critical notice and fairly respectable sales; this with no (reasonable) explanation or recourse. Dealing with the staff was like something out of Orwell: in effect, they accused me of breaking their rules, and warned me never to do so again on penalty of having my account canceled. The only problem is, they offered no specific examples of my supposed violations, notwithstanding of my repeated requests. How was I to know what not to do? (Perhaps slavery really is freedom! Maybe banging one’s head against a wall is not as ungood as people say…) I come away from this experience with the sense that Amazon has no respect for content providers and even less for literature.


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