The Quotable Anaïs Nin: 365 quotations with citations

Anaïs Nin is one of the most often quoted authors on the web. If you do a simple search, tens of thousands of sites appear, each with dozens of quotations that have inspired thousands of viewers to repost them, tweet them, collect them, print them on posters, t-shirts, cups, bookmarks, and just about every imaginable surface. The cut-and-paste nature of the internet, however, does not always lend itself to accuracy or even veracity—there many quotations that contain typos, omissions and alterations, and there are also plenty that are wrongly attributed to Nin.

QuotableCover1smallerWe have, on this blog, tried our best to keep readers aware of these problems, including rectifying the misattributions of “Risk” (“And the day came when the risk…”) and “Good things happen to those who hustle,” the authors of which are apparently Elizabeth Appell and Chuck Noll, respectively. But we decided to go a step further, and that was to collect and cite as many meaningful Nin quotes as we could in The Quotable Anaïs Nin, which contains 365 quotations with the titles and page numbers of the publications from which they come.

A unique feature of the Quotable is the presence of several quotations that come from Nin’s unpublished work. As we know, she wrote at least 35,000 pages in her diary, and of this a large portion has either ended up on the cutting room floor or hasn’t yet been published. Within this vast material are many gems that have been culled from this inaccessible material and made public for the first time in Quotable.

The Quotable Anaïs Nin not only offers accurate quotations and sources, it provides readers with insightful and inspiring thoughts, one for each day of the year.

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  1. Hello there,

    Yesterday I purchased this wonderful collection of Nin’s quotes, but I am having trouble finding one of them in my edition of Anais’ diary. It claims that the quote “What interests me is not the core but the potentialities of this core to multiply and expand infinitely…” is from the Diary 1, pg 201. I have a different publication of the same title, The Journals of Anais Nin: Volume One, published by Quartet Books and I cannot find the quote in there at all. Any tips as to where it might be located? Even if you could note which year and season, I might be able to find it!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi, thanks for writing. The edition that is cited is Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1966. It is 17 pages after the heading “March 1933” and just before “My father writes me a beautiful letter.” Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you, I am very grateful for your help in locating this quote!

    If anyone is interested, it is on p. 209-210 in the version that I am using.

    Thanks again,


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