House of Incest ebook offer

Cover of Gemor Press edition

Cover of Gemor Press edition

We have spent the last couple weeks celebrating  The Portable Anais Nin, an upcoming entirely new and compelling anthology, by tweeting the entire prose poem House of Incest on Twitter. The process was fascinating because within each phrase there is beauty and hauntingness, not to mention a deep and sometimes disturbing truth. After examining each element of the book, reading the entire interwoven text is mind-blowing, at least in my opinion. To give readers this experience, we are offering the entire ebook free for the next week (until Sept. 17, 2010). To obtain your own copy, visit us on Twitter. If you go back a few tweets, you will find a code, which, when entered on the Smashwords site, will allow you to download the book in any format you wish for nothing. (House of Incest will also be included in The Portable Anais Nin.)

Although the book has been considered unfathomable, even by Henry Miller, it is a matter of letting one’s self go, to submit to the dream, as Nin put it. And as in most dreams, symbolic truths are flavored with their “real” counterparts (or, if you will, manifestations): June Miller (Sabina), D. H. Lawrence (the modern Christ), Louveciennes, the ancient house with a “lost” room, the heavy green gate that symbolized imprisonment, the struggle for freedom, completeness, and rebirth.

We hope you take up the offer and that you enjoy your “trip” out of the house of incest into a new and more elevated world.

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