Any questions regarding Deirdre Bair?

I have interviewed Nin biographer Deirdre Bair (3/24 and 3/25) and we discussed many topics. If anyone has questions, I will do my best to answer them within the context of the interview. Feel free to leave questions and/or comments.

The interview will appear in its entirety in A Cafe in Space, Vol. 7.


7 Responses to “Any questions regarding Deirdre Bair?”
  1. Kim says:

    Why devote many hundreds of hours to researching Anais Nin’s life when it is clear from reading the resulting book that you didn’t care for or even have empathy for your subject?

    I believe you described Nin as a “minor writer.” It is clear from reading the book and from documentary interviews that you had a real distaste for Nin’s descriptions of her sex life. What was your purpose in writing the biography?

  2. Lynn McGrath says:

    Fourteen years have passed since your biography of Anais Nin. In retrospect, and knowing what you do now, would you have written the book in the same context and with the same attitude as you did in 1995?

  3. Lynn McGrath says:

    Sorry! I left a response after the date of the interview…darn!

  4. Lynn, as for your question (and Kim’s), they will be addressed in an upcoming post. If anyone else still has questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them within the context of the interview with Deirdre Bair.

  5. Kim says:

    Perhaps I should finish my thought on the matter of whether Bair believes Nin was a “minor writer.” First of all, is it true Bair believes Nin was a minor writer? And is it not true that Fitzgerald was also deemed a “minor writer” in his day, though shortly after his death there was a complete reversal of opinion and — suddenly — Fitzgerald was/is considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century? And doesn’t this just prove that judgments such as “minor writer” and “important writer” and all the rest are really worthless? And why would a biographer write about a writer who, to her, is “minor”?

  6. A response to your question is forthcoming, Kim, in an upcoming post.

  7. Jeanette S. says:

    I read Nin’s diaries back in the 1980’s and enjoyed them very much. I’m now wondering if anyone out there can help me remember which of A.N.’s acquaintances she was talking about when she said he kept something similar to a scrapbook of his life, meaningful items, but he kept them loose, in boxes. She may have even said “shoeboxes”, but I can’t remember. I’d even love to know WHICH diary this was in, so I could look it up.
    ANY assistance greatly appreciated!

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